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Trim to Size TOP 50 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon November 28, 2014

I have many silicone mats that will fit on my cookie sheets. However, most of my pans where I would love to use the mats don’t have mats that will fit. They are too large or too small.With these baking mats it is easy to personalize the mats to my pans, allowing me to use them for lasagna, cakes, cinnamon rolls, I even used one of them in a round pan. I just traced around the bottom!If you (like me) really would prefer to be able to decide what size and shape you use for your mats, then these are perfect! They even wash up easily.I received a free sample of these to test for my review and they arrived the day before Thanksgiving. I used them on a cookie sheet under my pies where they collected all of the spillovers with no mess. I also cut one to fit in the pan where I baked my ham.Five exciting stars.

What you should know…TOP 50 REVIEWERon December 8, 2014
I was provided a Healthy Chef Tools Set of 4 Premium Silicone Non-Stick Baking Mats for testing and review and was asked only to give my honest review, so this is what I found.What You Should Know Before You Buy:
♦ Comes in a 4 Pack that you can trim to fit various sized baking pans.
♦ Works great with an excellent non-stick surface for baking.
♦ No non-stick spray needed.
♦ Easy to clean.
♦ Works just as well as the more expensive Silpat original silicone baking mat.Conclusion:
Overall, this is a nice set of silicone baking mats. They are all the same size out of the package, but they can be trimmed to fit whatever pan you want to use them with for a custom fit. They work just as well as an original Silpat baking mat at a bargain price. I had my wife test it out with a batch of cookies and they came out great and were easy to remove from the mat with just a twist of your hand. We have a few of these type of silicone baking mats, including an original Silpat, and they come in quite handy, especially around the holidays with all the cookies that are baked in our house. We are always looking for a few extras and these were a great option with the trim-to-fit feature. The wife is happy and these mats now have a permanent home in our kitchen. If you are looking for a set of silicone baking mats, these are worth a look.

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Great Product!

Just got my grill mats this week – couldn’t wait to try them. We have an old grill, and didn’t use it much because of the grates. The mats worked awesome — got all of the flavor of the grill, including great grill marks, without any food sticking to those old grates. Easy cleanup too. Should add life to our old grill and we can go back to grilling out.

By Mandy Payne HALL OF FAMETOP 10 REVIEWERVINE VOICE on August 9, 2014
Juicier Meats, Easier Cleanup

I was really surprised by how well these work. We cooked our chicken on the grill right on these. The chicken didn’t stick, cooked normally and seemed much juicier, while still getting the flavor from the grill. The baking sheet has only been tested with canned biscuits (I know they’re not healthy, but I love those Grands biscuits). Anyway, it worked fine, kept the pan clean and was an easy cleanup. I can’t wait to try it with real baking when fall rolls around and I start making cookies and fattening treats.

PFOA free is important to me. I never considered it being in cooking sheets, but I avoid Teflon and other non stick surfaces to keep it out of our food. I don’t know if other mats have it in them, but I’m happy to know it isn’t in these.Sample received for unbiased review. Opinion expressed is my own.
By M. Hill (U.S.A.)  (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

Healthy Chef Set of Two Grill Mats and One Baking Mat

Occasionally a kitchen product is created that quickly becomes an essential cooking tool, which is exactly how I view grill mats. Included in this set are three cooking mats – two 15 3/4 by 13 inch grill and one baking mat. I used the grill mats to cook kabobs and ears of corn on a charcoal grill. I poured a large portion of teriyaki sauce on one side of the mat and set the kabobs in it, turning them to completely coat. On the other side I placed buttered ears of super sweet corn. (more)
 These are awesome. Not only have we used them for various…

These are awesome. Not only have we used them for various meat and fish, they are great for grilling veggies. The mats allow you to cut the veggies smaller so they do not fall in the fire they also cook faster. I am glad I purchased several to put in my Christmas gift stash.

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